Past Winners

Past Winners of the National Reality TV Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Reality Television

The National Reality TV Awards takes pride in recognizing the exceptional talent, creativity, and captivating storytelling in the realm of reality television. Over the years, we have had the honor of acknowledging a diverse range of shows and individuals who have left a significant mark in this dynamic industry. Here, we celebrate our past winners, a testament to the excellence and innovation that define reality TV.

Previous Years’ Highlights

  • 2021 Winners
    • Best Reality Competition Show: “Island Challenge”
    • Best Newcomer: Jamie Lee Curtis for “Celebrity Life Swap”
    • Best Reality TV Judge: Simon Patel for “Sing Your Heart Out”
    • Audience’s Favorite Show: “The Great Bake-Off Adventure”
  • 2020 Winners
    • Best Docu-series: “Life at the Zoo”
    • Outstanding Reality Star: Mark Thompson in “Renovation Wars”
    • Best International Reality Show: “Dance Battles Global”
    • Most Inspiring Reality Show: “Overcoming Odds”
  • 2019 Winners
    • Best Reality Game Show: “Quiz Master Extreme”
    • Best Reality TV Host: Linda Johnson for “The Ultimate Challenge”
    • Critics’ Choice Reality Show: “Undercover Bosses”
    • Best Reality Drama Series: “Real Lives, Real Stories”

A Legacy of Inspiration

Each of these winners represents the best of what reality television has to offer. From the adrenaline-pumping competition shows to the heartwarming docu-series, these winners have not only entertained millions but also inspired and brought people together. As we continue to honor the brightest and the best in this ever-evolving genre, we look back at these past winners with pride and admiration.

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence

We invite you to explore these extraordinary shows and personalities that have shaped the landscape of reality TV. Their stories, talent, and dedication continue to inspire and pave the way for future innovations in this thrilling genre.

The National Reality TV Awards remains committed to celebrating the remarkable achievements in the world of reality television. As we look forward to future ceremonies, we cherish the legacy of our past winners and their contributions to this vibrant and ever-changing industry.

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